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10.1 National holiday in CHINA

Collection time 25/09/2013 Reads 7876

Dear Customers:

Please to be advised that due to National Holiday on 1st October, all the services to China mainland will temporarily be closed from 1st October to 7th October.

The last flight to China before this holiday is on 28th September (Saturday). However all the shipments dispatched on 28th will be hold at Shanghai depot and out for delivery on 8th October when public holidays ended.

27th September (Friday) ? ? ? ? ? ? Collection as normal and dispatch as normal

28th September (Saturday) ? ? ? ?UK office Close

29th September (Sunday)????? ??? UK office Close


During this holiday period APEX LONDON will operate as normal for collection and exports to the rest of destinations.

(Any special request for delivery during this holiday please advise before 27th September ?by pre-alert.)


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